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Evecare SyrupCapsules both have almost similar composition except a few ingredientsEvecare Capsule contains Kasis Godanti Bhasma and Yashad Bhasma additionally and Evecare Syrup contains Purified ShilajitBabulAnantmoolManjistha and Narikela as additional ingredient.

HoweverEvecare is indicated in heavy uterine bleedingBut it seems to be a balance medicine.

If someone previously operated for fibroid with complicated severe dysmenorrhea takes evere care 2caps twice a daydoes it mean that the painful menstruation will go away and not disturb the person again?

Some ingredients in Evecare are promoting bleeding and some are checking/stopping bleedingOverallcancelling the effects of each otherKasis Godanti Bhasma in capsules has potent emmenagogueIn our opinionit is best in three main conditions1Premenstrual syndrome 2Dysmenorrhea 3Minor menstrual irregularities.

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